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The finest Master Fader to control amp and pedalboard loudness!

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“Find your sonic sweet spots with the SweetiePot!”

It is well known in music studios, mixing and audio engineering that every piece of gear has its “sweet spot” settings that sound the very best.

Your instruments and amps each have their sweet spots. All pedals too!

Truth is, amps and pedals like to receive a healthy input signal. Equipment sounds more musically expressive when sent good signal volume, and when their controls are dialed to their sweet spots.

However, the resulting overall volume can be LOUD!

Introducing the SweetiePot!

Type in “SweetiePot” at to order!

The SweetiePot Master Volume Control comes in Mono and Stereo versions, each with patented Silver audiophile wire and critical parts by Analysis Plus™.

The Studio-Grade Master Volume Control for your pedals, amp and instruments.

The SweetiePot™ is the highest quality final “Master Fader” for your pedals. It is the state-of-the-art volume solution that enables you to optimally dial in the best sounding sweet spot settings of your amp, pedals and instrument while helping to keep the overall loudness under control, and to workable, inspiring volumes appropriate for the playing situation on stages and in the studio. Even at home!

Just as you would use a Master Fader on a world-class mixboard, the SweetiePots enable you to make exact pedal and amp adjustments that sound the very best and then retain those optimum settings without having to re-adjust should the final volume end up too loud.

Boldly and creatively go to pedal and amp settings you may have never tried before and fine-tune all aspects of your tone with increased flexibility.

It’s a fact…pedal quality has become so good and they provide so much more flexibility and tonal options that amps these days are designed to be used more as pedal platforms. So, how one integrates and interfaces one’s pedals to the input of the amp is vital and exacting for optimal controlled volume, tone and performance.

This is where the SweetiePot comes into play and is so relevant to today’s musician’s needs.

Using the SweetiePot’s twenty-four precision settings enables you to obtain far more from your instrument and pedals than ever before.

Your pedals and amp have unbelievable potential to sculpt your tones, but only if you can set each control to its sweet spot for the very best sound quality, and then do an overall “trim” of the resultant volume, just like when using a professional mixboard and its master faders.

Amps sound best when their controls are cranked up. They sound wimpy when turned down to bedroom levels. The SweetiePot allows you to have your gear set to where everything sounds great, but the final volume can be kept reasonable and enjoyable for you, your audiences, the rest of the band, Engineers, at home, on stages small and large, and in the studio!

No more turning your amp down to castrating “barely on” levels or trying to be satisfied with 1 watt, 5 watt and other bedroom throttled settings. And, while transformer power soaks and the like can be a solution, we all know that putting a big heavy wad of iron and copper with a bunch of switches on your power amp right before a loudspeaker is not always ideal; doing so does affect feel and tone.

Think of your pedalboard as a mixing “chain”, similar to a high-quality mixboard and racks of studio gear.

Master faders allow myriad sweet spots to be dialed in by ear across each board channel and on every piece of outboard equipment used in a mix.

You would never mix in a studio or live without smartly using the master faders, even if you are working entirely “in the box” (in the computer, using your DAW’s mixer).

Similarly, the SweetiePot allows you to take full advantage of the wide dynamic range that your pedals, amp and instrument offer by enabling you to transparently reduce the volume without losing any impact or sonic integrity. This makes it possible to use your amp comfortably in far more performance applications.

Inside, each SweetiePot will be found…

  • Advanced instrument jacks specially developed and patented by Analysis Plus, called “QiJacks”. QiJacks are audiophile-quality, cost-no-object instrument connectors that are entirely sealed and have advanced metallurgy for purest signal flow.

The Analysis Plus QiJack – The world’s best and purest sounding connector for instrument cables.

Each QiJack utilizes multiple internal rings that firmly grip your instrument cable plug for increased surface contact and tone. The improved conductivity allows for a faster “rise time” (response speed) of the electronic signal, which equates to higher resolution and more dynamic sound qualities.

Also within each SweetiePot:

  • Highest-Purity Silver Audio Wire with patented geometry designed and manufactured in the USA by Analysis Plus™.
  • Real Gold and Silver Solder by Mundorf in Germany as used in the finest recording and playback equipment.
  • The unique and limited custom “stepped attenuator”…The SweetiePot!

This proprietary volume control is not the typical guitar or pedal pot that uses cheap wiper blades to conduct electricity. Rather, the SweetiePot very accurately adjusts and sets volume level using Silver Contacts and over 40 hand-laid precision audio resistors that are computer trimmed and calibrated to exacting tolerances.

Advanced technology resistors and silver switching contacts by Vishay / Dale Electronics are specially assembled and then further modified by TonalityTools for use only in the SweetiePot Master Fader Volume Control Pedal.

The result is a volume control so clean, clear and natural sounding that it is found in audiophile playback equipment costing many thousands of dollars. Each custom attenuator is ONLY available in the SweetiePot pedal by TonalityTools.

  • Every setting, as you click through the knob, switches internal silver contacts by Vishay / Dale Electronics. The very best!!
  • No power or batteries are required.
  • The SweetiePot is an entirely Purist Analog Signal Path so you and your audiences hear all the presence, expression, dynamics, and musicality of your instrument and playing.

By definition, a quality volume attenuator reduces the power of an audio signal without distorting its waveform.

The SweetiePot does just that!

Because the SweetiePot does not require power, it is quickly added to any pedals or pedalboard for guitar, bass, keyboards and other musical instruments.

The SweetiePot always goes last, just before your amp and after all pedals and effects. It is your personal final Master Fader!

Turn the white knob downward as you turn up your amp and pedal controls to their best sounding sweet spot settings.

Note: The SweetiePot is not used alone as the only pedal between instrument and amplifier. Rather, it is designed to go after pedals of all types.

It may also be used in effects loops and can be placed after guitar processors and effects units as these too have their best sounding internal sweet spot settings.

There is also a Stereo Version, called SweetiePots.

The Stereo SweetiePots, when used with a high-quality splitter, allows you to precisely adjust and send exact independent volumes to two amps such as for combining different amp qualities, switching between clean and dirty amps, and when running wet and dry amps or stereo effects.

The SweetiePots Stereo Pedal is for use with two amps, guitar processors, stereo effects units and other dual output applications.

(If you send to more than two amps [think Joe Bonamassa!] custom versions are available.)

The Stereo version, called SweetiePots, is also for use after stereo capable guitar processors, such as those by Fractal, Boss, Helix, Neural, Kemper, etc. And, it is used with stereo effects pedals, in which case it is placed after their left and right outputs, post any additional pedals.

When used with digital pedals and processors, SweetiePots will enable you to better set these unit’s internal digital gains and adjustments. Digital devices also have their best internal sweet spot settings. With a SweetiePot, these can be dialed louder which can help maximize bit depth potential and thereby improve the fidelity of your digital device. The volume of your processing unit is internally kept higher so more bits are available to be assigned per individual sampling rate sample – this is basic digital 101 and vital to maximizing resolution and clarity in digital audio!

Note: If you send your instrument’s pedals direct to a mixboard for your performances, it is recommended to run a high-quality shielded guitar cable to the board and also use an XLR Male to 1/4 inch TRS Female Adapter, such as the Hosa GXJ-235, which is widely available at music stores and online. Send us an email to if you have cabling, connector and interface questions. We are happy to help!

The Stereo SweetiePots are in use above with two amps and stereo effects. (Note: SweetiePots are often used in conjunction with a high-quality splitter for dual amp applications. The SweetiePot is not a splitter and does not have any tone altering buffer or Y circuitry.)

The entire design goal of the SweetiePot is to give you the finest quality Final Master Fader that is completely devoid of any distortion or signal degradation.

Important Note: 
SweetiePots are not a splitter, nor do they have any tone altering buffer circuitry or chips. They are “purist direct” and highest audiophile-quality by design to be completely transparent in your instrument’s signal chain.

The SweetiePot does one thing in the very best way possible…It allows you to control the final volume of your amp and pedals so they can be used in more ways and applications without being too loud.

The SweetiePot will enable you to have exciting new levels of control over all your devices.

There is no perfect volume solution for a loud amp. But, a SweetiePot does it in a way that sounds better than most other possible ways by enabling you to have your gear set to where everything sounds terrific, yet the final volume is kept under control and enjoyable.

Send us a note via Reverb or to if you have any questions about your intended application with the SweetiePot.

We love to chat and help!

When you purchase a SweetiePot, it is made to order here in Arizona. Each is individually hand-assembled and rigorously tested by experienced technician musicians who truly care about your music and appreciate the best quality gear and tone.

Order your SweetiePot direct from with free shipping within the USA. (Shipping to most any country can also be arranged. Just send us a note via Reverb or to to make arrangements.)

There are two versions – the Mono and Stereo. See Reverb links below for each:

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There is always a 7 day no-questions-asked return policy. You pay only shipping to try a SweetiePot for yourself.

Simply contact us first via Reverb or at, and if you have any questions we will help you use your SweetiePot to its full potential.


Find your sonic sweet spots with the SweetiePot™ – The Finest Audiophile-Grade Master Pedalboard Volume 
Control for your pedals and amp!

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