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“The astounding sonic accuracy and richness of this first-time transfer from three- track analog tapes to beautifully packaged CD make the listening experience that much more exquisite.”

“Mastered by Steve Marlowe, who has mastered all the International Phonograph releases. The sound is superb with solid bass and instruments well defined on the soundstage.”

“Steve Marlowe and Jonathan Horwich have done an amazing job of restoring and remastering these treasures. The music is rich in sonics and free of extraneous scrunches, ticks and pops.”

“The sound restoration by Steve Marlowe and Jonathan Horwich is revelatory… it’s a history, sonic and musical journey worth taking.”

“…important jazz history lessons. You’ll cry when the limited editions are gone and you held off…”

“My favorite historical reissue of the year, “Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49,” a ten-disk set from Mosaic that’s centered on the style’s second generation of musicians and the historic records that they made in their early twenties and even—as with, most important, Sonny Rollins—as teen-agers.”

”Engineers Steve Marlowe and Jonathan Horwich render the tracks—retrieved from best-condition source material—with extraordinary presence, illuminating the identifying nuances of each participant’s voice, not the last the inexorably swinging drummers.”


Sonny Rollins in the mid-fifties, after helping to establish himself with performances captured on “Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49.”

Voted as one of the 100 most essential jazz recordings of all time by NY Times critic Ben Ratliff.

“Dogon A.D. has long been revered as a classic amongst jazz connoisseurs; Julius Hemphill’s relatively obscure by highly influential debut is widely considered the missing link between the avant-garde and populist forms such as blues, funk and soul.”

Rarely does The Absolute Sound award their highest stars to digital releases; and rightly so…Such stars are reserved for analog vinyl records of the utmost quality. Yet Steve Marlowe’s development of Bit Density Processing, uniquely available only through the TonalityTools Studios, has been awarded 4 or more stars several times by the magazine.

“Indeed, the sound is so good that after So What, I got up from my chair to turn the record over, only to realize I was listening to a CD. Highly recommended.”