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Our Studio Services

TonalityTools Studios is considered a well appointed quality-conscious audio production facility. We work hand-in-hand with you to keep to a budget you can afford without sacrificing quality.

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Bit Density Processing™

Bit Density Processing (“BDP”) is uniquely offered by TonalityTools Studios. It brings out all the wonders and analog characteristics inherent within a digital recording while also improving digital’s musicality, dynamic range, resolution and presence. BDP may be applied at any stage before final release.

Rock is meant to rock. Pop too! All forms of music, from jazz to hip-hop and classical, electronic to reggae, country, indie and metal all benefit from Bit Density Processing.

Bit Density Processing is available from TonalityTools for all musicians, producers, engineers, studios, mastering facilities and anyone creating music.

Ask us for an example applied to one of your songs.


Our recording capabilities are top notch with some of the very latest digital and analog equipment and techniques.

Handmade microphones from Gene Lawson in Nashville, Neumann, Blue and many others combine with Vintech, Grace and Focusrite microphone preamps through custom Grace analog to digital converters to enable recordings of the highest fidelity. Analysis Plus microphone cables and the very latest in Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interface connectivity combine to give TonalityTools recordings the advanced fidelity audiophile music labels count on.


TonalityTools Studios provides mixing services for various labels and music production facilities. But, we especially enjoy working with independent musicians and those creating music in their own personal studios. Everyone’s music is unique and important!

All recorded tracks and productions, large or small, deserve the clarity and naturalness that TonalityTools’ services provide.

If you feel your music could sound better, we are the right choice for you. Even if you have already had a mix or mastering done elsewhere, you may still desire touch-ups and improvements. That’s what we do.

We make music sound like you want. If we don’t, there is no charge.


We do mastering for any type of music production, even single songs.

Our Bit Density Processing produces mastering improvements quite beyond expectations. That’s why TonalityTools is asked to master a number of releases annually, including some of the top jazz albums.

We are happy to provide a free example of Bit Density Processing Mastering applied to one of your songs so that you can hear its full potential.