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Musician Management

We enjoy representing select musicians doing original songs.

Especially relatively new artists who have that extra special “something” – musicians who are unique, expressive, motivated, sincere and have a strong work ethic.

If you are a new artist and very proud of your original song creations, we would like to hear from you.

Perhaps initially just to share your art with someone (us!) who appreciates the hard work and massive amount of creativity it takes to write and complete an original song.

Music is all about communication. And that means communicating with and to others. We would be honored if you would take the time to share your work with us.

We promise to never rip you off. We simply love hearing from other musicians and we appreciate original songs. Who knows?…Perhaps we can help you in some small way as a first step.

No promises! But just by sending us a note along with some of your music, it is a start.

We try to always respond positively and helpfully.

TonalityTools protects and respects your
ownership of the music you create and produce.
All music and work is kept secure and strictly confidential.