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“Mastering” is attempted by many people, but here at TonalityTools our Bit Density Processing comes into play. It is a huge plus.

Our intention is simply this: Before your music is released, is the sound quality what you and your audiences really want to hear?

Sometimes mixing and mastering may have already been done yet there are improvements you would still like. Bit Density Processing can certainly help.

Perhaps the bass (bottom end) needs more power, depth, clarity and impact. Vocals can be moved and percussion hits better aligned so the entire performance sounds fully polished and ready for release. Often, these changes can be accomplished even though the mix was already done.

At TonalityTools, we rarely use compression as Bit Density Processing improves the presence and clarity of all music styles and types.

How you want your final release to sound can be quite personal and we know that your sound is a direct reflection of you and your artistry. It’s how you want to sound that is our focus. At TonalityTools, we enjoy collaborating with you to understand your priorities and preferences. We have myriad tools and capabilities to accomplish virtually anything when it comes to music.

Here at TonalityTools Studios we are able to work magic and miracles. We stay with it until you are happy and sound your very best.