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Bit Density Processing™ by TonalityTools

Bit Density Processing (“BDP”) is uniquely offered by TonalityTools Studios. It brings out all the wonders, naturalness and analog characteristics inherent within a digital recording while also improving digital’s musicality, dynamic range, resolution and presence.

Once Bit Density Processing has been applied, the sound of your music will be conveyed with a terrific sense of scale (size) and emotional impact.

All music styles and recordings benefit from Bit Density Processing.

“I have been involved in issuing jazz for many years, and in all that time I have never run across better digital sound than that created by Bit Density Processing developed by Steve Marlowe at TonaltityTools Studios. The BDP process has been used on many of my most important jazz reissues; all of which earned accolades for their sound quality. Moreover, the application of Bit Density Processing to the recent Mosaic release, ‘Classic Savoy Be-Bop’ is an astounding example of how Bit Density Processing can restore and give new life to even old recordings. ”


Because you are reading this website, you are probably a musician and serious about music. As you know, a live musical performance has a tremendous and inspiring breadth of sound. Even an acoustic solo can be blistering with emotional power, impact and subtleties.

Bit Density Processing helps bring all this out for your audiences to hear.

Mixed and mastered music greatly benefits from Bit Density Processing (BDP) before release.

Additionally, when BDP is applied, final desired improvements to the music can also be achieved. We stay at it till you are happy. If you are not, there is no charge.

Older recordings and re-releases are also greatly improved with BDP.

TonalityTools Studios works with all music styles and sources, including analog tapes. Bit Density Processing is compatible with all current and future release formats, both digital and analog. Even vinyl records can be produced.

New music tracks benefit significantly with Bit Density Processing. And, it is inexpensive.

Our goal is to ensure you and your music sound their very best.

TonalityTools protects and respects your
ownership of the music you create and produce.
All music and work is kept secure and strictly confidential.